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Reusable Industrial Plastic Boxes And Packaging

Reusable Industrial Plastic Boxes And Packaging Corrugated plastic or Polypropylene board (also called PP Board) is a cardboard-like plastic board material that can be formed into a multipurpose storage box for household items, offices, warehouses, and factories. We used to encounter storage boxes that are made from cardboard materials. Lack of durability posed as a disadvantage of cardboard material, as it is prone to damages, over a short period of time these boxes are in need of replacement.

Reusable Industrial Plastic Boxes by Alvaboard

The impact on high replacement rate for these carboard boxes is very direct to the environment. Wood are the base material in producing carboard boxes. High replacement rate, hence impact directly to the consumption of logging demand. As trees take several years to actually regenerate, have you calculated how long the world demand, considering the rate of replacement will overturn the world supply of woods?

While plastic is generally portrayed as the scapegoat of the environment, using PP Board as boxes / storage means alternative could be one solution to protect our earth. The durability of these plastic boxes translates to higher longevity as such it can be reused many times compared to cardboard.

Reusable Industrial Plastic Packaging by Alvaboard

The material is waterproof with high rigidity and has no dust residue even if stored for a long period of time. These allows plastic boxes and packaging from PP Board remains durable even though it is used repeatedly (highly reusable). Also, the cost incurs in recycling these plastic materials is cheaper if compared to the cost of recycling cardboard into pulp.

It is believed that in order to promotes green-practice, people have to foster these three main values, Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Hence in promoting the use of PP Corrugated board as alternative to cardboard material in boxes application both in residential or industrial used.

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