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Corrugated Plastic Sheet
Corrugated Plastic Sheet Distributor

What Is Alvaboard

ALVAboard is a high-quality corrugated sheet made from premium-quality polypropylene that is very versatile and suitable for various applications both indoor and outdoor. With numerous distinctive characteristics such as light-weight, durable, printable as well as high-impact, water and chemical resistant.

Available Color

Sheet Size (mm)

Why ALVAboard


Distinctive material to accomodate your limitless creativity


It can be used as solution for specific purposes either creative or heavy-duty


The product is recyclable. We commit to save our environment.

Unique Colour Variation

Various vibrant colors to suit your imagination

UV stabilize

Stable against exposure of sunlight


High endurance against repeated bending and folding


Resistant to water, heat, and chemical substances

Great Workability

Easy to cut, bend, punch, and bond with other materials


Produces no dust as cardboard does. We love cleanliness.

High Rigidity

Does not easily break or tear. High impact resistant.

Food Grade

Safe direct contact with edible products


Can be printed and laminated directly on the surface

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