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PP Flute Board – Alvaboard Incorporated has carved a niche in the highly competitive market as a credible manufacturer, importer, supplier and exporter of PP Flute Board. Premium raw materials are used in manufacturing these PP Flute Boards. These PP Flute Boards are stringently tested for impact-resistance and durability. Customers can avail PP Flute Boards from us at competitive prices.

PP Flute Board

PP Flute Board

Additionally, PP Flute Board has a very important role to serve as a support tool. It is like a container that is used in the industrial world small or large. Due to the nature of PP Flute Board effective, economical and promotional value and has quality compared with cardboard material, PP Flute Board is an option to become a supporting tool in business. And business models like what you’ve met? Here are some models of creative creations that support your business with the support tools made of PP Flute Board:

Food industry Because the material PP Flute Board is safe in contact with food. You can make PP Flute Board into a lunch box or food container.

Industrial and Advertising Layer pad, flexibox, packaging, promotion items some models that we often encounter in the world of industry and advertising.

Box/Container Box/container industry is always used in small or large. By using PP Flute Board as the box is effective and economical. In addition to waterproof, chemical liquids, food contact, light and strong.

Packaging / Packaging By using PP Flute Board for packing/packaging is helping to keep the material to be stored or shipped.

In addition to the above models PP Flute Board can be made into hangers, display, lanterns, neon, signage. Because PP Flute Board is very light and not easily broken such as acrylic, so that can be used placed anywhere.

PP Flute Board

Applications above can be made easily, due to the purchase of materials pp flute board is very easy. Lots of places sell PP Flute Board online. It saves you time because it do not have to go to the store. One of the providers and seliers of PP Flute Board is Alvaboard. Alvaboard is a manufacturer and PP Flute Board seller that has the best quality with cheap price.

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