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PP Board – PP Board is a plastic sheet that is visible in the form of a two-tier flat top and bottom surfaces with reinforcement straight, often called TwinWall plastic. Actually there are three terms / (generic name) for such structures: plastics corrugated board, plastic board or TwinWall Fluted plastic board.

PP Board


PP Board made of high quality polypropylene resin with the best technology extrusion machine. With a variety of interesting colors and thickness variations, making the application and utilization pp board very diverse. So it is not just touched the world of advertising such as for: graphic art, signage, and promotional displays.

But also too many applications previously unimaginable. As well as the construction of agricultural and livestock (stables, mobile cage, cages for pets / hobby), even for the construction of temporary shelters during and after natural disasters, for box packaging boxes, even for hobby and craft / craft. PP Board increasingly widespread utilization in line with terlintasnya brilliant ideas of the creative people. Especially now very easy to find a place to sell PP Board anywhere.

It is inseparable from the character possessed PP Board benefits include waterproof, it does not absorb water, water repellent protective materials etc. To expand its use PP Board is equipped with supporting accessories such as reinforcing profiles, elbow brace, handles, etc. Choosing a place to sell PP Board becomes important to follow. Hope you find the track to more creative ideas and soon will beable to make it happen.

Applications above can be made easily, due to the purchase of PP Board materials. Lots of places sell pp board online. It saves you time because you do not have to go to the store. One of the providers that sell PP Board is Alvaboard. Alvaboard is a manufacturer and seller of PP Board with proven qualit and good price.

PP Board

Buying pp board in Alvaboard means not wasting money. PP Board’s ia a high quality , reliable and secure product. Alvaboard company is producing quality PP Board that you can afford to buy. Good customer service is also always held in high esteem by Alvaboard. Now do not be confused anymore to determine where PP Board should be purchased, at a great PP Board producer. The answer is obvious you can get in Alvaboard.

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