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Layer Pad – Alvaboard is the manufacturer of the best quality Layer Pad in Indonesia. The manufacturer has a big group of regular customers that trust the company and its quality. Alvaboard Layer pads are used inside cases to divide layers of stacked products such as cans, bottles and other rigid packaging. The Layer Pad stabilises the products and disperses weight evenly to ensure they remain free from damage during transit.

Layer Pad


The top Layer Pad also offers additional product protection when cases are being cut open. Layer Pads are available in a range of corrugated cardboard or solid board grades and are designed to provide the required amount of strength to meet the physical requirements of your supply chain. 100% recyclable and made from a renewable resource, Layer Pads are an environmentally friendly alternative to plastic products.


  • Available in a range of corrugated cardboard or solid board grades
  • Bespoke to your exact size and performance requirements
  • Die cut to meet any corner or groove requirements
  • Water resistant and other barrier coatings available
  • Can be high quality printed
  • Benefits

Reduction in transit damage as products remain stable and secure inside the case
Eliminates any blade damage during opening of case
Environmentally friendly – made from a renewable resource and 100% recyclable
Opportunity to communicate product and brand messages on printed layer pads

Layer Pads are constructed of corrugated plastic with sealed edges and are a completely hygienic solution. They are ideal for moving glass bottles and are available in appropriate thicknesses. For many leading companies, plastic reusable packaging has effectively protected product and reduced costs throughout the supply chain, which is critical to today’s food and beverage companies.

Layer Pad

Alvaboard provides companies with an efficient method to move their products throughout the supply chain…faster, better, safer and more cost effectively. Alvaboard helps companies experience the benefits of plastic reusable pallets, divider sheets/layer pads, and top frames, while eliminating the upfront investment and reducing the complexities of managing, tracking and cleaning the pool of packaging as it travels throughout the system.

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