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Corrugated Sheet Manufacturer And Supplier

Corrugated Plastic Sheet
Corrugated Plastic Sheet Distributor

Alvaboard is Corrugated Sheet Manufacturer And Supplier, having many plastic product to aplied for application. Have you ever heard about corrugated sheet? Maybe for you who just heard this term for the first time will definitely make you say that the words is so rare! Corrugated sheet is a type of material that is processed through an extrusion stage, the process of heating and softening the raw material until it becomes a sheet that has a cavity with a certain distance.

Corrugated Sheet Manufacturer

Corrugated sheet has several forms seen from the raw material used. As paper material will be a corrugated cardboard and polypropylene resin will be a PP Board (corrugated plastic).

Discussing more about corrugated sheet, this material actually has so many functions in the midst of people’s lives, such as the use of cardboard boxes that we usually encounter and the use of partitions or cover for plywood substitution in the industrial area.

Corrugated Sheet Manufacturer by Alvaboard

After getting to know about this material, the next questions is, “who is doing this material production?” Let us introducing one company in Indonesia that is engaged in manufacturing corrugated sheets made from plastic, namely PT Alpha Gemilang Makmur. As a plastic manufacturer PT Alpha Gemilang Makmur produces corrugated plastic sheets to meet the needs of the Indonesian people, even overseas to supply the needs of this corrugated plastic sheet. Let’s visit the website to find out more about corrugated sheet products from PT Alpha Gemilang Makmur.

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