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Enhance your production-efficiency with Alvaboard


The ALVAbox A-Type is supported by plastic frames and corners, preventing them from falling over when stacked on top of each other. The design of the box itself will assist users to handle and carry heavyweight objects, making it the most favourite type among the majority of users


Best for carrying heavy-weight objects, Stackable and equipped with plastic handles and corners, Light and high impact-resistance.

Available color


This unique ALVAbox B-Type design is based on the “Japanese Lunch box “design which comes with removable lid. The design will help to keep the products inside the box clean as well as hygienic and prevent them from getting dusty.


Best for storing dust-free products, Non-stackable and equipped with plastic handles, Light and high impact-resistance.

Available color


ALVAbox C-Type design is similar to ALVAbox A-Type, yet , what makes it special is the foldable characteristic in which it enables the users to collapse it whenever they lack of rooms to store the containers just by simply pressing the bottom in a single touch


Best for users that have trouble with space to store light-weight objects, Stackable and equipped with plastic handles and four foldable corners, Foldable.

Available color


ALVAbox D-Type type is the most similar to the original corrugated cardboard boxes which they not only can be broken down and folded for storage but also they are much more cost-effective due to the high durability and reusable features of the corrugated plastic box.


Best use as alternative to corrugated cardboard box for long-term usage, Tape-less, Durable and high impact-resistance.

Available color

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