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Anti Static Box Manufacturers and Supplier Corrugated Sheet ESD



Alvaboard is known as one of the most prominent anti static box manufacturers and anti static box supplier in South East Asia. Alvaboard has established its global footprint across the continent by exporting to America, Europe and other Asian countries.

Alvaboard offering include among others, PP corrugated sheet, anti static corrugated sheet also called anti static polypropylene board. Although in short, the market recognized this product as PP conductive sheet. The sheets are made from environment friendly Polyolefin called Polypropylene, which can be recycled. Like paper corrugated board Alvaboard ESD (Electro Static Discharge) sheet shape are mainly constructed by two parallel walls of plastic separated by perpendicular structures of alternating plastic and air pockets. Alvaboard is however, sturdier, reusable, recyclable, waterproof and superior to corrugated paper in a variety of packaging applications.

In general, polypropylene is considered to be a good electrical insulator. However, during the manufacture of the PP Conductive sheet, a special masterbatch is added to the formulation which alters the surface resistivity of the polypropylene to produce a conductive sheet. The surface of resistivity reduced from typically >10^14 up to 10^5 (ohms/cm2) or below depending on the amount of masterbatch added into the formulation. Since the additive become an integral part of the sheet, the conductivity of the sheet is maintained throughout its life and is unaffected by temperature, moisture and solvent.

Anti static Corrugated Sheet also known as PP ESD sheet such as Alvaboard ESD can be made into all kinds of polypropylene boxes and polypropylene tray that are use across various industries with emphasis such as automotive and pharmaceutical industries. In industries such as pharmaceutical, cosmetic or even automotive lubricant, substance impurities are intolerable. Producers have to maintain stringent standard of hygiene and Alvaboard ESD offers protection against any foreign residue as it has a dust repellent property. In other application, Alvaboard ESD as anti static box for electronics is utilized to protect electronic parts that are sensitive to static electricity such as motherboard found in television, computers or even modern automobiles. The conductive properties provide a strong protection of these parts to ensure the essential parts is prime during the assembling process.

Alvaboard is known as one of the most prominent anti static box manufacturers and anti static box supplier in South East Asia, with global footprint across the continent. You can visit to explore further our offerings that might suit your industrial needs.

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